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The Disney Crush Podcast

Hello and welcome to The Disney Crush Podcast we are excited to share the joy and excitement of Walt Disney World with you every week on the podcast. 


Jun 26, 2024

Episode #347

On the show this week, Dave and Veronika head over to Disney's Magic Kingdom to ride Tiana's Bayou Adventure. They ate at Pecos Bill's and requested a special favor from the kitchen, they went on Carousel of Progress after a long absence from it, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the ship didn't sail on Pirates...

Jun 19, 2024

Episode #346

Toni-Ann was back in Walt Disney World and a stay at Disney's Port Orleans Riverside. Come along with her on this week's show as she tells you all about the great view of the new drone show in Disney Springs at Jaleo, and she got to hang out with several friends over the course of her trip. We have some...

Jun 12, 2024

Episode #345

Why is Disney so reluctant to try something new, are they relying to much on their back catalog of IP material?. Dave and Toni-Ann dive into this subject this week and they have some ideas of their own for IP and non-IP in the parks.

Jun 5, 2024

Episode #344

So is there a ride or attraction that's untouchable? If you could retheme a ride or attraction in Disney what would it be. Find out what we have to say about this and more on the show this week.